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Why is music so important ?

When you think about it, while seeing all these high-selling movie franchises (such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, all the Marvel Cinematic Universe, between many others), there’s no great movie without great music, great sound identity.

My goal

As a composer, I’m here to help you reach your goal : in the style you choose, with the instruments you want. If you want to raise the level of your short, long film, ads, corporate, branding or videogame up to the international standards,

I’m here to help you reach it 🙂

What can I do ?

Basically, everything you can imagine and want.
My main primary style is to write orchestral music – with a tendancy to create some epicblockbuster-like Hollywood music : my models are Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Howard Shore, Danny Elfman and Alan Silvestri, between others. I am using musical computering, with virtual instruments.
But my musical culture is vast enough to write for any kind of instrument in any kind of genre : should it be from a single instrument up to a 200 piece orchestra and choir.
I put my 20-years long musical knowledge and experience at your service : you design, and I create for you !

The most important is YOU

We saw way too oftenly, even in high-end productions, directors and composers who were merely not talking to each other.
Director’s and composer’s roles should be, in my point of view, united in the same creative path.
That’s why, in my way of working, I propose you a full collaborative process, a true partnership : it’s very important to me that the director should be involved, that you should be involved in the creation of your film’s music : by keeping an eye on it and having a careful ear every time I make progresses, I’ll provide you a music that would be yours as well as mine, a music tailored like a suit for your project, whatever it is.

Your imagination is the limit !


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