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“Very passionate and driven componist. Wants to go the extra mile to ensure perfect delivery.

Charlie Dewulf
Founder & CEO at Macky

“Vincent is a passionate musician with an absolute ear and full of creativity. He is also a wonderful person […]. If you want to get the most out of your film, if you want to give it an extra dimension by perfectly combining sound and image and making your audience feel all the emotions of the story, Vincent is the composer you are looking for. “

“Musics very well done, communicative, elegant, with a better level than what we can hear in some big productions. […] Vincent has followed the course of the most famous and shows a great inspiration in his projects. His music will bring you full satisfaction.”

Baptiste Antiome
Sound Technician in the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Caen
Former teacher of Vincent

Vincent Tohier had 3 lives already. Classical pianist, heavy metal musician and lately film music composer.

Born and raised in France in 1991, Vincent is firstly a classical musician : he began to practice piano at the age of 7, after his parents discovered his gifts for music.

At the age of 10, willing to imitate the music of Frédéric Chopin, he started to mimick the sound he was hearing : there were the firsts steps of his appeal for improvisation and composition.

After having followed his primary music school course alongside his godfather Jean-Emile Collon, he entered the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Caen at the age of 13 in 2004, arrived in first place at the contest.

He composed his 1st music for a movie “Le Courage d’Entreprendre” for the ACD (Association des Centres Pierre et Louise Dumonteil) at the age of 15.

Following the lessons of Julien Le Prado in piano at the Conservatory, he also followed all the parallel courses of harmony, counterpoint, music history, composition, computering music and recording.

From 2009 to 2013, he’s keyboardist and writes the orchestral arrangements for his symphonic metal band, Stryge. As a genre that should never leave his musical personality, he made his first tryouts of orchestral music with his band.

In 2012, he wrote his first symphonic movie score ever : “Fuis”, a short thriller wrote and directed by Alexis Renard.

In 2013 he entered the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in Piano in the classes of Dominique Cornil and Zofia Lalak, from which he got his master Degree in 2018 with a great distinction.

Actually Vincent goes on with his musical works for movies, without having lost his ambition to grow, and to become better in his artistic passion. In 2019 he wrote the music of 4 short movies from cinema schools students in Brussels (Narafi, RITCS) and finished the work on his first feature-length movie, “River”, by Laurenzo Vergeynst.

Since October 2020, he shares his life between his activities as an online piano teacher with Pianoma International Music School and its activities as a film music composer. He writes music for today’s films as well as new music for restored silent films (collaboration with Penteo Film and Nyx Channel).
The first feature film he worked on, “River” by Laurenzo Vergeynst, will be distributed and screened worldwide from 2021.


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